Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to send a gift to a friend. Is this possible? 
A side of Smoked Scottish Salmon or Trout or one of our Gift Packs is an excellent way of saying thank you to friends, relations or business associates. Add a personal touch by including one of our superb quality cards with your choice of message handwritten by us. We will be delighted to gift-wrap your present by hand. Go to products to find out more.

What is the difference between Smoked Salmon and Roast Smoked Salmon?
Scottish Smoked Salmon is prepared the traditional way, - as it has been prepared for centuries. No artificial ingredient is used. Traditional smoked salmon, also known as ‘Cold Smoked’ salmon, is lightly cured then smoked over smouldering oak wood for between 12 and 24 hrs (the precise length of time is judged by the craftsman in charge of the smokehouse, - the weather conditions being one consideration). The salmon is placed further away from the heat source than is the case with Hot smoking and is ‘bathed’ in smoke. When Hot smoking, the salmon is close to the heat source and is effectively ‘cooked’. In general terms hot smoked salmon is flaky whilst cold smoked salmon is firmer and sliceable, like the traditional smoked salmon.

What are the Best Ways to Serve? 
We have given some hints on how to serve our products in our "Serving Suggestions". An information sheet is dispatched with each order, giving guidance on storage and serving suggestions. We are also in the process of developing a selection of recipes with some novel ideas on preparation and serving of our products.

How is my order delivered?
The order is sent as First Class Mail or Special Delivery. We vacuum pack for freshness and an outer box or bag doubly ensures that your order arrives in perfect condition. Many customers ask us to send, for example, Smoked salmon as a present - which we can gift wrap for you - to a relation or friend, and we are delighted to offer this option. 

What is the difference between a Pre-Sliced Side and Pack Slices?
Pre-Sliced Side - Sliced, interleaved and reformed in the shape of the original side.
Pack Slices - Sliced from the side and interleaved into a compact, rectangular shaped pack
As a general guide:
:: 1.35kg (3lb) side will serve 20 - 24 as a starter.
:: 680g (1½lb) side will serve 10 -12 and 200g (7 oz) pack will serve 4 as starters.
:: The 112g (¼lb) packs of Beef, Duck, Ham, and Venison have 12 -15 thin slices in each.
The 200g packs of Roast Smoked Salmon have 3 to 5 slices as the slices are considerably thicker than the Smoked Salmon. However, these can easily be divided to provide a starter for four.

Smoked Organic Scottish Salmon 
An increasingly popular product for those who like to buy organic. The fish comes from the Shetland Isles with its clear Atlantic waters. The organic salmon is approved by the Soil Association. A wonderful alternative to the more traditional smoked salmon. Great for canapés or as an unusual starter. A great talking point at the dinner table. Serve with a green salad or with a warm potato salad and perhaps some asparagus.